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Virtual Reality and the Dark Desire of Man

What happens when the devil is a computer genius? In Lucifer’s Son, the protagonist uses virtual reality to tempt some of his unsuspecting victims who think that they are just “playing a game.” But what about virtual reality in today’s world? According to Daniel Davies of Factor Magazine, “Porn has pioneered new technologies and drugs fueled early Silicon Valley software culture, so porn and drugs are one thing, but what happens when people start engaging in immoral behavior when they have the VR headsets on?

In the world of virtual reality, much like video games, there are limitless opportunities to sin- hookers, guns, rocket launchers, biological weapons. Truthfully, most people will engage in some of these vices in the virtual world. As Davies put it, “after all, gamer will have already carried out a few unspeakable acts (there’s no way to play nicely with a rocket launcher, Rockstar Games), but, with VR, users will be immersed and implicated in reprehensible acts like never before.”

What happens when the devil is able to create a world of virtual reality more dazzling than ever before with any thing you wanted available at a whim? Imagine living in a virtual playground where vices were tailored specifically for you. How long until you succumbed to temptation?

In Lucifer’s Son, the devil’s own is a technological genius and he uses it to his advantage as he takes his victims from the regular world of the boring and mundane and leads them into a dazzling world filled with sin, temptation, and more importantly- consequences.

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The Evil Within: A theme in classic literature

In Lucifer's Son, the protagonist, the offspring of the Devil himself, does not necessarily have magical or mystic powers, but rather opens up opportunities for men and women to explore their darkest sides. Sometimes opportunity is all that is needed to bring out inner demons or darkness.

One classic novel that has stuck with me for many years is Joseph Conrad's classic, Heart of Darkness. In this book, the protagonist is a young man who travels along the Congo River in the 19th century as part of an expedition. Along the way, he sees men that would normally be civilized in modern European society turn into something far more dark and savage. It is because they had this rare opportunity to become someone else once societal limitations and constraints were removed, that as they were descending into a literal darkness of the Congo, they were also descending into a figurative darkness of their own hearts. In Lucifer's Son, the men and women in the novellas also descend into a darkness- a darkness that can only be found in the deepest, most depraved depths of the human soul.

Dealing with the Devil

In Lucifer's Son, the devil's own tempts many of his victims with promises of wealth, luxury, love, happiness, and more. He takes souls in exchange for the promise of children, he takes bank accounts in the promise that he will erase heartbreak, he takes dignity for a second chance at life. He plays his victims, ordinarily most of whom are good people, by hedging bets against their wildest dreams, deepest desires, or darkest fears. Does it end well for anyone involved or is a bargain with Lucifer's Son always a losing bet? Read on and find out more in Lucifer's Son- available in ebook and hard copy today!

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