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Lucifer in Today's World

Growing up in the former USSR in the 1950's and 1960's, I learned a great deal about fear. Our country, like most of the world, was in a constant state of heightened alert- mostly from the threat of nuclear war, but also from the threat of our fellow man. As our world was making great strides such as sending men to the moon, our population on earth was growing and it seemed like with each passing year that the world got smaller- it still seems that way. We have access to more information than ever at our fingertips and it seems like our world is still in a constant state of turmoil. Not a day goes by that we don't turn on the television, pick up a newspaper, or scroll through our smartphone without seeing news of some sort of catastrophic event. Some believe that the perceived increase in violence is the sign of the impending apocalypse while others believe that it is just an increased awareness that comes from a thousand-fold influx in news sources and mediums for news transmission.

So does that mean that Lucifer is on his way back? Lucifer has said to the prince of man, of humanity, the prince of the flesh, of carnal human nature. Are his children slowly starting to take over the planet? Or are we all his children- a product of a union between God and Satan? If that's the case, how easily could we fall into our dark father's footsteps? What would be our price? Our temptation?

Lucifer in Ancient Egypt

Many cultures and ancient texts make reference to a devil, or devil-like entity. In Egyptian mythology, Lucifer is similar to both Djehuty(Thoth) and Khepri; Djehuty as a messenger and god of knowledge, and Khepri as the rising sun and light of the dawn.

Who is Lucifer?

For centuries, writers, artists, and philosophers have attempted to assign a physical image to Lucifer. Most artists have traditionally pictured him as a beast of sorts. Over time, the caricature of Lucifer has taken on many dimensions- many created for shock and awe value as elders told stories to their children or Hollywood directors vied to make the scariest horror film. In Christianity, followers believe that Lucifer was a fallen angel who rebelled against God and was cast unto the earth where he appeared to Eve in the form of a serpent. Most modern Christians who reject the literal story of Adam and Eve believe that Lucifer is a metaphor for all that is evil, and that he promotes lies and deceit from within our souls. In Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Satan is one of humanity's three enemies, along with sin and death. While most contemporary religions believe that the devil is more metaphorical, he has appeared in countless works of classical art and can be seen riding on horseback, falling from the sky, or emerging from thin air. In most of the stories, Lucifer appears when a person is at their weakest moment and open to temptation. While I can't say that I know the answer personally, I do believe that he comes in many forms. I believe that he comes in the physical form of our greatest weakness- whether that's the temptation to cheat on a spouse, the temptation to turn to drugs, alcohol, or gambling, the temptation to rob someone because he has appeared in the form of greed, or temptations far darker and worse than we could ever imagine. In Lucifer's Son, the first book in the Temptation Chronicles, seemingly ordinary people do awful things when tempted by the son of the darkest forces imaginable. 

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